Captain Barbossa

Original Painting Size 50" x 31"

This character has often been referred to as the ultimate survivor, described as being the master of his own fate. This ruthless and cunning adversary to Captain Jack (Sparrow), to this day remains one of my all-time favorite characters from the Pirates of the Caribbean movie series.

Thinking back to why I wanted to paint Barbossa, I vividly remember watching his delivery of this line from the movie,

“You best start believing in ghost stories Miss Turner, because you're in one”.

Mind you, it wasn’t the strength of the line in and of itself, but rather in the magic in its’ chilling delivery. The fire within me to paint this larger than life on screen character had been lit. I enjoyed painting Barbossa so much, that I went right into painting the very next one in the Pirates series, that being Captain Teague aka, “Captain Keith”

Available in a Deluxe Matted Paper Print

(appx size)14" X 18"

Also Available in Canvas Prints:
SM 18" X 18"
LG 30" X 30"

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