Dirty Work

Original painting information:

Dirty Work, The Penguin 
Date of painting  2020
Size 41.25x30.5
Medium oils & acrylics on canvas

A colorful enigmatic character that complimented the series so well. I loved this character, the use of his henchman in the series doing all of his dirty work, so he could stay clean, personable and in favor with his constituents.
So because of this I of course had to call this one, the “Dirty Work”, because someone has to do it, right?
The Penguin was that quintessential crime boss/slimy political villain of the series.
Art always has a brilliant way of imitating life, this larger than life character seems to mirror some of our own black and white newspaper headlines of real life characters of recent past. Throughout our history we have had some criminals with very likable public personas but these people, much like the Penguin and his Henchmen we know we wouldn’t want to ever cross paths with them in a dark alley anywhere.

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