Truest of Heart

Original painting information:

Truest of Heart, Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones  
Date of painting  2013
Size 60 x 40
Medium high-performance oils on aircraft grade aluminum panel  

Keith Richard’s recognizable physical attributes I feel stand out, almost as much as his musical contributions. Keith’s well known for his many decades of shining moments that have been pictured world wide on and off the stage, in film and behind the scenes across the globe.This allows me as an artist endless inspiration and countless moments to chose from so in this painting my goal was to capture him on stage, in his element that essence that is Keith Richards. Capturing Keith on stage, I see him at that moment in time that he is being the truest of heart, true to himself.

Available in a Deluxe Matted Paper Print

(appx size)14" X 18"

Also Available in Canvas Prints:
SM 18" X 24"
LG 24" X 32"

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