About James

James Vincent CrouchJames Crouch born into the right hemisphere of his brain, to live on the wild side of creativity, James developed his artistic skills very early on. He would say that he knew quite early what he was put here to do, and started to push boundaries and limits to challenge himself to do just that. Fresh out of school at the tender age of 19, James began his professional career landing his first big painting gig, tackling large scale murals on Hollywood’s famed Sunset Strip, in all its Mid-80’s primed glory for Bill Gazzari.

Grabbing the attention of entertainers he was painting, for businesses and patrons alike. James couldn’t have been in a better place or position to breathe, eat and chase down his dreams of success framed by the glistening lights of Hollywood. The painting offers pouring in soon he was painting marquees, billboards, designing logo’s and creating tour backdrops, staging, full color show postered artwork - the sky was the limit as he started to obtain contracts for work in Las Vegas and beyond.

Living life In the fast lane, on overdrive he decided to take some time to refill his inner paint cans, he went to work in Telluride, Colorado. Awestruck with the pure majestic beauty he had found, he began doing custom pieces and custom graphic art design.

Called back to his roots, along the sunny California coastline, he joined the esteemed Walt Disney Company, currently celebrating his 30 plus year career as a Disney Imagineer.

James Crouch work at Disney has allowed him the opportunity to develop and lead projects all over the world. The kaleidoscope of his portfolio, has allotted him the opportunity to view his work through others eyes, helping to bring an emotional evolution to the masses, the joy of millions of park visiting patrons year after year.

All of our life experiences collectively fine tune us and our talents. That daily nurturing of the creativity of James Crouch will allow us to visualize all of those experiences within his artwork, his progression through the years, he so eloquently has put into words for us as, “A natural progression from mastering realism to a more painterly and expressive approach, touching on Impressionism and some abstract influences within a realistic realm”.

James Crouch wants to finally open that minds eye, that window, allowing us the chance to view life’s composition as he sees it, his hope is to bring as much happiness to you as he brought to himself painting these images imagined for you, very excited for this new independent adventure, he opens up his private world for you, beyond the parks entrance.